Discussion on EMQX connection limitation of client and resolve error ssl_closed connection

Hi EMQx community,

I am here to discuss some points ,some points are as follows:-
1:- is there any limitations of connection of client with the paho library that is used in python for making client connection?
When I used with client.loop_start() in paho library to make connection with EMQX that time I am able to try to make a connection from list of 500 connection ,it will make only 340 connection at a time.

error faced that time:-
emqx_connection.erl, line: 544, mfa: {emqx_connection,terminate,2}, msg: terminate, pid: <0.5157.314>, reason: {shutdown,ssl_closed}. 2:- file: emqx_cm.erl
, line: 566, mfa: {emqx_cm,clean_down,1}, msg: emqx_cm_clean_down, pid:

2:- Without using client.loop_start() it will make 500 connection… but these are not healthy connection because at the time of reconnect it will connect tha disconnected client connection.

can you please share what we can try to increase the limit of connection of client in paho python library.