ssl_closed error terminate the emqx_connection

Hi EMQX community,
when we are making connection of client using ssl certificate with the EMQX by using paho library. whenever we use client.loop_start() that time it will make limited connection with the EMQX and also it will throw error for rest of client i.e,

1:- emqx_connection.erl, line: 544, mfa: {emqx_connection,terminate,2}, msg: terminate, pid: <0.5157.314>, reason: {shutdown,ssl_closed}.
2:- file: emqx_cm.erl, line: 566, mfa: {emqx_cm,clean_down,1}, msg: emqx_cm_clean_down, pid:


First of all the EMQX Enterprise has a default license that allow limited connection so please make sure you are using emqx community version, not the enterprise version: Get Started | EMQX

And for your error logs, ssl_closed means the emqx got disconnected by the client, but we have no idea about the reason only from the log.

  • How many connections you have managed to establish with emqx? You can checkout the current connections from emqx’s dashboard.
  • Please note that you should use different clientids for each connection.
  • I’d suggest you capture TCP/SSL packets to investigate the detail of the message flow.

Thank you for your quick response.

Due to bad health, I was not able to reply to you

  1. I am not using the enterprise version of EMQX
  2. Shawn I used client.loop_start() in paho library to make the connection with EMQX that time I am able to try to make a connection from list of 500 connection ,it will make only 340 connection at a time.
  3. every time I make a new connection I don’t think TCP/SSL is affected due to this .
  4. I also checked Listener.tcp connection is ‘allow all’

I don’t think so EMQX connection limit is very low.

Without using client.loop_start() it will make 500 connections… but these are not healthy connections because at the time of reconnect, it will connect the disconnected client connection.